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Австралия станет первой страной, в которой запретят преподавание религии детям!!!

Премьер-министр Австралии Малкольм Тернбулл публично заявил согражданам, что скоро преподавание религии детям станет незаконным, а нарушителей будет ждать серьёзное наказание.

В Австралии 23 миллиона жителей, и это люди самых разных культур и религий.

"Мы больше не станем терпеть, что нашим детям вбивают в голову эти идиотские устаревшие религиозные идеи, которые служат только ещё большему разобщению нашей великой нации" - заявил премьер-министр.

Adam Jones in FB:

BREAKING NEWS: Australia has become the first country to make it illegal to teach religion to children

In a surprising move, Australia has become the first country on the planet to ban the teaching of religion to children. Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has made a public statement to the Australian people, telling them that it will soon be illegal to teach religion to children and that anybody caught doing so will face harsh new laws.

Australia has a population of about 23 million people and is largely a multicultural country; with a diverse range of people from many cultural and religious backgrounds.

“We will no longer tolerate our children being taught dangerously outdated ideas which only serve to divide our great nation” - Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull

The controversial announcement has been welcomed by many secular Aussies but has outraged millions of religious Australians, and has been heavily criticized by millions of people from all around the globe.

People have taken to social media to express their distaste with the Prime Minister’s announcement. One social media user on Twitter stated that, "It is a parent’s right to teach religion. The government doesn't have the right to tell parents how to raise their children". Others have claimed that this is an attack on their cultural heritage and that teaching religion is a fundamental human right.

Australia has become an increasingly divided country with many Aussies openly concerned that religious ideology is having a negative effect on government policy.

This announcement is likely to spark a lively debate as to the limits of the role of government in relation to religion. Regular protests between those who support religious freedom and those who see religious teaching as inherently divisive and a barrier to the creation of a cohesive peaceful society.

Интересно - мы дождёмся такого же адекватного отношения к религии в Российской Империи??


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